Gene Truono is a principled conservative who has the courage to stand by his convictions. His positions are based on the Constitution and the rights afforded to all Americans. Gene will put the people of Delaware before politics. He will put the interests of Delawareans before special interests. He will fight for equality and justice. Gene will treat all people with dignity and respect and bring civility back to Washington.

National Security

Gene is committed to protecting our country. He will put the interests of United States of America and its people first by supporting a strong national defense.


Gene will fight for price disclosure and competition in both healthcare and the prescription drug marketplace. Gene believes healthcare must be affordable and accessible to everyone.

Border Security and Immigration Reform

Gene will fight for a compassionate policy that prioritizes legal immigration. Our current immigration policy has been broken for decades. Any meaningful reform must provide for an increase in border security to reduce both human trafficking and illegal drugs crossing our borders.

Gene believes that existing laws related to immigration should be enforced. It is our laws and our constitution that make our country strong.

Jobs and the Economy

Gene will fight to decrease the regulatory burden on our small businesses by eliminating unnecessary and duplicative regulations, leading to an increase in jobs and stronger economy.

Debt and Deficit

Gene supports accountability and transparency with all government spending. He will work on legislation targeting fraud and abuse while seeking to hold government agencies accountable on budgets and performance.

Government and Integrity

Gene pledges to conduct himself with dignity and respect. Congress has been plagued by scandal. Too many promises have been made and broken. Gene pledges to seek common ground to solve the longstanding problems facing our nation.


Gene will ensure our educational system is preparing students with the knowledge and skills it set up to succeed in today’s economy. He will support enhancements to vocational schools and job training programs.


Gene fully supports the Second Amendment. However, he also believes that we need to address the mental health issues that lead to gun violence. He supports the improvement of background checks, gun safety, and a limitation on any device that can be used to enhance a weapon that enables it to fire automatically. Gene believes that all institutions, including schools and churches, should perform risk assessments and take immediate action for the safety of our citizens and schoolchildren without the need for legislation.


Gene is committed to honoring and supporting all of our military personnel and their families. No one makes a greater sacrifice or provides a better service to our country than our veterans, and in return we must always take care of them.